A downloadable yes for Windows

Have you ever had a hard time doing your exams?

Was it stressful?


Now, fear not! Young/Old/Average one, cause we, a team consisting of two brilliant artists, one HELL'a talented musician (get it? Hell, Halloween, Demons? Eh...) and a procrasting piece of a cardboard box that "coded" this game, present to you...

Diabolo Ex Machina

Summon demons pressing W (or Z if AZERTY-keyboard) and annoy the HELL (you see I did again, it was funny, trust me) out of them. Ask them to help or to outright solve the quiz parts for you (if you can't science). But be careful, cause teachers want none of those demons existing in the realm of their school. So unsummon demons by pressing S (or what key AZERTY-people have there). 

If you get noticed - softlock. If you can't solve quiz right - softlock. If I forgot to code some integral part of the game - softlock. (Exit button in the next (((pumpkin))) patch, guys)

Just in case controls weren't clear:

LMB - Pressing on buttons, fields, picking up and mixing those sweet reagents
RMB - Drop the flask to the zero-G space where it won't even move
W (Z) - Summon a demon
Space - Progress through dialogues/monologues of teachers/demons (same thing, amirite?)
S - Unsummon the demon (Also, apparently S in QWERTY keyboards is on the same place as AZERTY,  so just press S)
Alt+F4 - In case the game softlocked, and trust me, it will

Archie - Sprites for demons, teachers and the player
Vio Cherry - Backgrounds (@booba_kun)
Brodux - Music (@BroduxOfficial)
BottledMajesticness - Idea, broken code, procrastination (@majesthiccness)

Thanks to Lucius and Negativo for some line ideas,
To DeltaLine for swoosh sample (which I will use in the next patch),
And most importantly to GDN and Liam Sorta for the Elderberry GameJam!

Good luck playing this. you'll need it.
Also just in case, there is some "not very fancy language".
In case it's not allowed, I'll make it family friendly.


Diablo Ex Machina 18 MB

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