An update!

So, duh, we started a devlog (just in time).
We've updated the game a little bit:

  • Skeleghost's sprite and battle background were remade
  • Now you can't just float in the air and shoot without any recoil
  • Main menu design was improved
  • Death sound effect was fixed (now it doesn't play twice)

And that's all. I would like to thank all the people, who downloaded our game, that really matters to us and gives us a reason to continue making games. Also thanks to my bud Artyom, he made a new background for our game (yay!) and its quite noice.

Thanks for checking in and have a nice day

Files 24 MB
Jun 18, 2017 40 MB
Jun 18, 2017
G3SLx64.tar.gz 28 MB
Jun 18, 2017
G3SLx86.tar.gz 28 MB
Jun 18, 2017

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